Tiny Girl Strikes Pose On Ice, Who Joins Her Is Lighting Up The Intenet


Anyone with siblings can attest to the fact that working together can be a challenge. But that’s definitely not the case for 4-year-old twins Katarina and Dakota Delcamp.
They’ve been ice skating together since they could walk and know each other’s movements by heart. So when their trainer suggested that they perform The Nutcracker for a Christmas ice skating show, they jumped at the chance! The final routine is simply adorable!

Thank goodness Mom and Dad thought to record their ice skating act and share it online for the world to see! Their performance has received more than four million views with people absolutely astonished at these cutie pies’ talent.
While most people are familiar with the traditional Nutcracker ballet, not many people understand the fascinating history behind the act. The very first performance of The Nutcracker was in the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1892.

Although the ballet company’s first performance wasn’t thought of as a success, the score, routines and style were adapted and performed all over the world by a variety of different troupes just a few years later. Now it’s one of the most recognizable Christmas ballets of all time.
For this dynamic duo, as soon as the music starts playing over the loudspeakers during their Christmas competition, Katarina and Dakota join together at center ice. No one knows what breathtaking moves they have up their sleeves – but they soon find out!

Moving in unison, Katarina and Dakota glide across the ice with ease and show the judges that they really do have the Christmas spirit. Their skill set is truly astounding for such young children!
The audience cannot believe what they’re seeing take place out on the ice. The moment the sweet twin duo wraps up their routine, the crowd erupts with cheers and the judges are quick to award them a trophy.

Take a peek at their incredible Nutcracker routine for yourself in the video below. From the looks of things, Katarina and Dakota have a bright future ahead of them when it comes to ice skating!