Man Ties A Rope To His Shovel, Shows Everyone A Better Way To Remove Snow


The first snowfall of winter is always fun – it’s beautiful, brings back childhood memories and is a blast to play with. Think of all of the snowball fights, igloos and sledding ahead of you! But after the excitement passes, you’re left with a big white mess that, basically, traps you in your own home.
This is where shoveling comes into play! Instead of breaking your back with the old-fashioned method, one YouTuber is here to share his secret…

Snow shoveling is a painful and time-consuming task – there’s no denying that! But by adding a long piece of string from the handle to the shovel, you can transform this dreaded chore into a fast and easy project. The string gives you a level of mobility that snow shovels generally don’t provide!
YouTuber L Kanavaros shows everyone watching online how other shovel designs can cause tension on the lower back, leaving you doubled over in pain days later.
However, with his modified shovel, those living in cold-weather states can use a simple piece of string to make removing snow from your property so much easier on your mind and body!

The string can move the shovel sideways without you having to contort your body into unhealthy positions. This also allows you to remain upright while shoveling instead of bending over and standing up straight with a heavy haul hundreds of times.
Now you’ll be able to pick up a big shovelful of snow, turn and dump it without moving your body more than a few inches. This means you can spend less time outside shoveling and more time romping in the white, fluffy powder after it’s cleared from the driveway and sidewalk!

With the right length of string and proper motion, you can shovel your entire driveway with less than half the effort it would’ve taken before! Life in the winter just got so much easier, thanks to Mr. Kanavaros!
Once you try this method, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. Blizzards and snowstorms won’t be weighing on your mind (or your body) anymore!

Learn more about this genius snow shoveling hack in the helpful video below!

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