It’s Baby’s First Christmas. Her Antics Have Everyone In Laughter


Although children make the holiday season brighter…. there are also MANY stresses that go along with having a baby around during this time of year.
One couple decided to document all of their Christmas complications, joys and trials in one sweet (and very truthful) video! Their antics are absolutely adorable and almost six million people have gotten a kick out of their video.

The holiday season is full of beautiful decorations such as Christmas trees, lights and red-colored plants. Yet, when you have a baby in the house, what was once joyful all of a sudden becomes a nightmare!
In the video below, a set of parents demonstrate what they have to do to keep their baby safe from those holiday hazards. Mom has to continuously pull her daughter away from the Christmas tree lights, move the ornaments to the top half of the tree and even throw away her (poisonous) poinsettias!

Oh, and that’s only the beginning! As the family tries to take a holiday photo, the baby isn’t happy. She’s wanting nothing to do with this holiday tradition.
Then, the young parents show all of the messes that a tot can get into like baking flour, pine needles and glitter confetti. Finally, when it’s Christmas morning, their baby sneaks downstairs to see what Santa has left behind for her.

She then opens all of the gifts and makes a big mess. And what does she play with first? The box of course!
This sweet little girl may make the holiday a bit hectic, but the joy and beauty of having a child at this time of year is simply beautiful. These parents are truly blessed.

You gotta love parenthood (even during the holiday season)! Enjoy this beautiful baby’s hilarious holiday antics in the video below.