She Drills Into Plastic Cups To Create A Stylish Decor Piece That Looks Incredibly Expensive


This decoration is sure to impress guests while being cheap and relatively simple to make. It’s great for the holidays and even just every day to brighten things up.

Rebecca Robeson starts out with a string of 50 lights, 50 plastic cups, a stapler, a drill, and some clothespins. She uses 9-ounce Solo cups that are soft so she can drill a hole through more easily. In order to save her potential useless work, she plugs in the lights first to make certain they work. Then, taking 8-10 stacked cups at a time, she drills a hole through the center of the bottom and makes sure the holes are wide enough for the lights to fit through. She separates her cups into stacks of 12, 9, and 4.

For the first ring of one half of the sparkle ball, she staples together the 12 cups into a circle, then the 9 cups into another circle. She holds these together with the clothespins, then staples them, and finally adds the last 4. Now she adds in the lights, and one half of the ball is complete. After she finishes the second half, she clothespins them together to keep them in place, then staples it all closed. The sparkle ball is now ready to be hung up or set out as an accessory piece.