Crying Boy Gets On Bus. Driver Discovers Reason And Takes Immediate Action


Winter in Washington State is chilly, to say the least – the average temperature barely rises above 30 degrees Farenheit! That’s why school districts make it their mission to equip students in need with durable winter clothing!
Unfortunately, some students still manage to fall through the cracks and are forced to suffer through a brutally cold season with little to keep them warm! One such case of this happened to a student on John Lunceford’s bus route….

When John swung open his bus door one frigid morning, he was greeted by a boy, shivering uncontrollably and softly crying. The cold temperatures were too much for him to bear, especially without a hat or gloves!
John immediately removed his own gloves and handed them to the weeping student. He explained to Kennewick School District officials what happened next:
“I put my gloves on him and told him it’ll be OK, it’ll be OK.”
The boy felt better almost instantly and that small action gave John a good idea! He went to the local dollar store and purchased 10 pairs of gloves and 10 hats.
John’s new mission was clear: he was going to make sure the students on his route were taken care of this winter!

John returned to the school with his new hats and gloves in a bag. He went into the front office and tracked down the boy from before. Staff members told him that he was with his class in the school library!
Within moments, John was handing the student a brand new pair of warm, fuzzy gloves and a hat to go with it! He said this is exactly what he would hope someone would do for his grandchildren if they were in the same position.
“I’m a grandfather, you know. No one wants a kid to suffer like that.”
After handing the boy his new pair of gloves and hat, Bus Driver John told all of the students in the library that he would help them if they didn’t have hats or gloves.
Sure enough, another student in the library piped up…
“There was a little girl who said ‘I don’t have a hat,’ and I said I’ll take care of you, sweetie.”
Now they could brave the chilly winter weather without their ears and hands freezing! It was a small gesture, but it meant the world to the children!

It takes a special person to help those less fortunate without being prompted. This amazing bus driver truly did just want to make sure his students were nice and warm!
His kind gesture has since gone viral – but that’s not what John was aiming for. He told Inside Edition that he was inspired to help his students out of the goodness of his heart, nothing else.
“I wasn’t doing it for popularity. I did it because it was the right thing to do. That’s the way I was raised.”
Following John’s generous actions, the school district opened up a donation page in case others wanted to make sure their students were well-equipped for the freezing winter weather. Click here if you’d like to donate!