Woman Leaves Handmade Scarves In The Park With A Personal Message


Since the early childhood, kids are taught that it is important to help others and support those in need. When people grow up, they usually forget about it for various reasons. Some of them don’t have enough time, others – enough money. But there are people who prove that it is always possible to find an opportunity to help others.

One day, something unusual appeared in the Vermont park, as people started to notice plenty of hand-knitted scarves that were hanging on the park’s fountain railing. When people came closer, they noticed there was a special note on each scarf. The message was the following: “I am not lost. I was handmade for you. If you are cold and need me, please take me.” It was such an amazing gesture. The woman initiated this process with the hope that these scarves will warm those in need. She makes it by herself and believes that every small action is important, and there is no need to be rich if you want to help people. Every little step makes a positive change in our society.

There are also other examples when people decided to provide free services for others. For example, Anderson Boyce is a London barber who offers free haircuts to young and unemployed men. He tries to help them to prepare for the job interview in order to get a job. What an inspiring act!

The other example is a program, called “Raising Men Lawn Care Service,” which was initiated by Rodney Smith in Alabama. His goal is to help elderly people with disability and single parents in mowing lawns. Volunteers provide services for free and are thankful for the opportunity to be helpful.