A Man Walks Through Singing A Christmas Classic – Now Keep Your Eye On The Girls In Red


Get ready for goosebumps on top of goosebumps. Peter Hollens’s talent shines bright in his newest release.This song is a beloved Christmas favorite, but this version is unparalleled to any other as 300 voices join in creating a stunning cover of “Carol of the Bells” that will be unforgettable.

”Carol of the Bells” was originally composed in 1914 by Ukranian composer Leontovych and has since been recorded into over 150 different versions by many famous artists. Its tune is immediately recognizable and is a Christmas favorite each and every year.

With this newest cover by Peter Hollens, who has already has reached a quarter of a billion views on Facebook and YouTube just in the last few years, is joined by the talented BYU Vocal Point Men’s Choir and the One Voice Children’s Choir. The combined voices of over 300 singers take this already beautiful song to a brand new level. They sing flawlessly together to create a heavenly chorus that sends chills down the spine. Press play below and enjoy the sounds of the season!