A Dog Walks In The Store With A Christmas Mission That Has The Internet In Laughter


Caught on surveillance video, this clever dog entered a store with one mission in mind – getting himself a Christmas present. The furry bandit was obviously so excited about Santa coming that he couldn’t help but to snag himself an early present. We’re just lucky the cameras were rolling the entire time!

The four-legged thief knew exactly which aisle the rawhide bones were in and proceeded to grab one and make his getaway leaving all the workers in rolling around with laughter. How could they stop such a cute Christmas pup? The manager locked eyes with the dog and then decided to let him on his merry way, bone-in-mouth and all!

This video is clear proof that even animals like to get Christmas presents! So keep this precious pooch in mind while Christmas shopping – you don’t want your beloved pup running rogue and snatching a bone for themselves right off of the store shelves!