Reba Gets On Stage At Award Show, With 3 Simple Words She Gives The Entire Crowd Goosebumps


Country superstar Reba McEntire has given numerous show-stopping performances, but none compares to her powerful appearance at the Dove Awards. Reba released a gospel album “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope”, which was the 29th studio album for the award-winning singer. The two-disc album features traditional hymns on the first disc and all original songs on the second disc. Reba even wrote one song, “I Got The Lord On My Side” with her mother.

The music video for her single “Back to God” received wild acclaim from her fans. To hear Reba use her unique voice to celebrate the Lord and bless everyone with her God-given talent is amazing. This particular song offers up only one solution to remedy the world’s troubles. While there is trouble and anxiety brewing all around us, if people remember to turn to the Lord God, He and only He will see us through. That is exactly the message that Reba is trying to get through.

Reba felt compelled to perform her beautiful worship song at the 2017 Dove Awards and her act was incredible. It was stirring to watch and hear her call upon our Creator and guiding light during a live performance. If you did not catch Reba’s spectacular performance of “Back to God” during the award ceremony, you can watch her video below and hear the heartwarming message she is sharing. You’ll catch glimpses of Reba seeking solace in a church sanctuary along with various people succumbing to painful loss and experiencing crises in their faith.

But every single person, no matter the mountain they are climbing, all rely on the Lord to get through their challenges and return to the church where they begin the healing process. If everyone could listen to this song just once, maybe the world would be a better place.