It’s Baby’s 1st Day Home, Mom Quickly Grabs The Camera Where She Finds The Dog


Bringing home a newborn can be a big change for everyone in the family – even the family dog! That’s why this sweet boxer was so confused when her human sister started crying softly inside of her crib.
The poor pup just did not know what to do and was beside herself! Thank goodness Mom thought to grab her smartphone and record the entire thing…

Even though boxers may look like big, tough dogs, they’re actually considered to be one of the best family breeds out there. According to DogTime, boxers are incredibly drawn to their human family members.
Not only do they love their owners and handlers, but they also are great with children and will protect them from harm. As with all active dog breeds, it’s important to exercise the boxer and give it a release for the massive amount of energy pent up from living indoors.

Getting rid of its energy will help the boxer relax more around children and avoid a potentially dangerous case of the “zoomies.” These loving pooches love the little humans that are brought into their families and sometimes can be a bit boisterous.
This love for family is why these brand new parents weren’t worried when their boxer expressed interest in their newborn. Instead of shooing their loving pup away, they allowed her to explore the sounds, smells and schedule of their little one.

So when the baby girl starts to cry loudly, the boxer gently approaches the crib and tries to figure out exactly what’s the matter. The boxer is genuinely concerned about his little human sister and what might be going on with her.
It’s clear from the boxer’s attentiveness with the baby that these two will have years of love and adventure ahead of them. But in the meantime, the boxer needs to figure out what’s wrong with her baby sister and how to help.

Take a peek at this heartwarming interaction for yourself in the video below.